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The Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation

Topic: Conflict Resolution, Arbitration, ADR

The term 'arbitration' is not something you hear every day, despite its growing importance in the way businesses resolve their disputes. Indeed in...

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John Lee • 15 August 2017 •

Conflict Resolution Styles: What Is Your Approach to Conflict?

Topic: Conflict Resolution, Negotiation

Conflict exists everywhere. From the international stage to our everyday lives, everyone has to deal with conflict in one way or another.  


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John Lee • 01 August 2017 •

CDRC Vienna - Memoirs of an Expert

Topic: CDRC Vienna 2017

And so it ends, with the Universities of Bonn and National Law School of India University, Bangalore sharing the spoils at CDRC Vienna, but I got...

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Aled Davies • 25 July 2017 •

Making the Most of Mediation and Negotiation Competitions

Topic: Mediation Marketing, Negotiation, CDRC Vienna 2017

The CDRC negotiation and mediation competition, brought to you by the IBA and VIAC, begins tomorrow. Student teams from all over the world are...

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John Lee • 09 July 2017 •

What Makes a Good Mediator?

Topic: CDRC Vienna 2017

In a just a few short weeks the CDRC Negotiation and Mediation Competition kicks off in Vienna. As the title suggests, there are two separate...

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John Lee • 06 July 2017 •

Should Mediation be Mandatory for Conflict in the Workplace?

Topic: Conflict in the Workplace

Most of the commentary on the topic of mandatory mediation focuses on mediation as an alternative to court. But what about mediation for conflict...

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John Lee • 16 May 2017 •

How Medical Mediation is Helping in United States Healthcare

Topic: Medical Mediation

Trump’s attempts to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare have dominated US political headlines in recent weeks. While the healthcare system is battled...

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John Lee • 12 May 2017 •

The Enforcement of International Mediation Settlement Agreements

Topic: International Mediation

The data from the GPC commercial dispute resolution survey so far has revealed a widespread belief that a better enforcement system is required in...

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John Lee • 10 May 2017 •

Multi-Tiered Dispute Resolution - The Most Effective Way to Resolve a Commercial Dispute

Topic: Civil and Commercial

The GPC Series has been around the world asking stakeholders in commercial dispute resolution about the major issues in the industry, past,...

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Aled Davies • 28 April 2017 •

The GPC Commercial Dispute Resolution Survey - How to Promote Access to Justice

Topic: Civil and Commercial

One of the most interesting insights from the Global Pound Conference Series survey related to how we can improve access to justice in the world...

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Aled Davies • 26 April 2017 •