Should Mediation be Mandatory for Conflict in the Workplace?

Topic: Conflict in the Workplace

Most of the commentary on the topic of mandatory mediation focuses on mediation as an alternative to court. But what about mediation for conflict...

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John Lee • 16-May-2017 07:00:00 • 0 Comments

How Medical Mediation is Helping in United States Healthcare

Topic: Medical Mediation

Trump’s attempts to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare have dominated US political headlines in recent weeks. While the healthcare system is battled...

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John Lee • 12-May-2017 07:00:00 • 0 Comments

The Enforcement of International Mediation Settlement Agreements

Topic: International Mediation

The data from the GPC commercial dispute resolution survey so far has revealed a widespread belief that a better enforcement system is required in...

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John Lee • 10-May-2017 07:00:00 • 0 Comments

Multi-Tiered Dispute Resolution - The Most Effective Way to Resolve a Commercial Dispute

Topic: Civil and Commercial

The GPC Series has been around the world asking stakeholders in commercial dispute resolution about the major issues in the industry, past,...

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Aled Davies • 28-Apr-2017 12:38:00 • 0 Comments

The GPC Commercial Dispute Resolution Survey - How to Promote Access to Justice

Topic: Civil and Commercial

One of the most interesting insights from the Global Pound Conference Series survey related to how we can improve access to justice in the world...

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Aled Davies • 26-Apr-2017 16:30:00 • 0 Comments

Commercial Dispute Resolution Survey - 10 Insights from the GPC Series

Topic: Civil and Commercial

What would you say are the top 10 burning issues in commercial dispute resolution today? Here's what research by the GPC has revealed so far...

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Aled Davies • 24-Apr-2017 15:50:00 • 0 Comments

What Trump Can Learn From the Harvard Negotiation Project

Topic: Negotiation

President Donald Trump has consistently portrayed himself as a master negotiator and dealmaker. But how do his negotiation strategies compare with...

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John Lee • 18-Apr-2017 11:30:00 • 0 Comments

Recent Developments in Online Dispute Resolution

Topic: Online Dispute Resolution

Last month, Amazon Alexa got a new skill - “My Mediator”. Currently only available in California, Amazon Alexa will now answer questions on how to...

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Pritika Malhotra • 23-Mar-2017 12:55:00 • 0 Comments

Forceful Mediation Techniques - Are They Effective?

Topic: Mediation techniques

Some commercial lawyers think mediators are there to bang heads together. But what do forceful mediation techniques look like and do they work?

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Pavlina Krausova • 21-Mar-2017 11:17:00 • 0 Comments

This Week In Mediation Episode 11

Topic: Mediation News

It's been a busy week in the world of mediation. Ireland have finally published the long awaited Mediation Bill which has just been presented to...

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Aled Davies • 09-Mar-2017 12:51:07 • 0 Comments

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