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An Uneven Playing Field: Mediation Clauses and Arbitration Agreements

Topic: Arbitration

In a commercial context, a major source of mediations and arbitrations is contractual agreement. That is to say, the parties to a contract have...

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John Lee • 07 November 2017 •

Arbitration vs Mediation: Choosing How to Resolve Your Dispute

Topic: Arbitration

If you've read our previous post on the difference between arbitration and mediation, then you'll know what makes these processes unique. 


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John Lee • 24 October 2017 •

It's a Perfect Time to be a Mediator

Topic: Mediation Awareness Week, Mediation Marketing

Mediation has never been more popular or widespread. There are more cases than ever. It's all over the press and more mediators are sharing in the...

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Aled Davies • 18 October 2017 •

How Mediation Helps Overcome Barriers to Negotiation Success

Topic: Negotiation

Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party is brought in to assist a negotiation.

The question arises: why can't the parties negotiate...

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John Lee • 17 October 2017 •

What is Negotiation Bias?

Topic: Negotiation

For better or for worse, human beings are not always rational.

Our values, beliefs, and backgrounds can have an enormous impact on the way we view...

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John Lee • 26 September 2017 •

What's Your Negotiation Style?

Topic: Negotiation

Are you too tough or too soft in negotiation? Most people aim for somewhere in between, but every negotiator will have certain tendencies which...

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John Lee • 12 September 2017 •

An Introduction to Principled Negotiation

Topic: Negotiation

The idea of principled negotiation was first developed by Roger Fisher and William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project. It was set out in their...

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John Lee • 29 August 2017 •

The Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation

Topic: Conflict Resolution, Arbitration, ADR

The term 'arbitration' is not something you hear every day, despite its growing importance in the way businesses resolve their disputes. Indeed in...

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John Lee • 15 August 2017 •

5 Different Conflict Styles: Understanding Your Approach to Conflict

Topic: Conflict Resolution, Negotiation

Conflict exists everywhere. From the international stage to our everyday lives, everyone has to deal with conflict in one way or another.  


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John Lee • 01 August 2017 •

CDRC Vienna - Memoirs of an Expert

Topic: CDRC Vienna 2017

And so it ends, with the Universities of Bonn and National Law School of India University, Bangalore sharing the spoils at CDRC Vienna, but I got...

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Aled Davies • 25 July 2017 •