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An Uneven Playing Field: Mediation Clauses and Arbitration Agreements

Topic: Arbitration

In a commercial context, a major source of mediations and arbitrations is contractual agreement. That is to say, the parties to a contract have...

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John Lee • 07 November 2017 •

Arbitration vs Mediation: Choosing How to Resolve Your Dispute

Topic: Arbitration

If you've read our previous post on the difference between arbitration and mediation, then you'll know what makes these processes unique. 


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John Lee • 24 October 2017 •

The Difference Between Arbitration and Mediation

Topic: Conflict Resolution, Arbitration, ADR

The term 'arbitration' is not something you hear every day, despite its growing importance in the way businesses resolve their disputes. Indeed in...

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John Lee • 15 August 2017 •