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Commercial Dispute Resolution Survey - 10 Insights from the GPC Series

Topic: Civil and Commercial

What would you say are the top 10 burning issues in commercial dispute resolution today? Here's what research by the GPC has revealed so far...

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Aled Davies • 24 April 2017 •

What Trump Can Learn From the Harvard Negotiation Project

Topic: Negotiation

President Donald Trump has consistently portrayed himself as a master negotiator and dealmaker. But how do his negotiation strategies compare with...

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John Lee • 18 April 2017 •

Recent Developments in Online Dispute Resolution

Topic: Online Dispute Resolution

Last month, Amazon Alexa got a new skill - “My Mediator”. Currently only available in California, Amazon Alexa will now answer questions on how to...

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Pritika Malhotra • 23 March 2017 •

Forceful Mediation Techniques - Are They Effective?

Topic: Mediation Techniques

Some commercial lawyers think mediators are there to bang heads together. But what do forceful mediation techniques look like and do they work?

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Pavlina Krausova • 21 March 2017 •

This Week In Mediation Episode 11

Topic: Mediation News

It's been a busy week in the world of mediation. Ireland have finally published the long awaited Mediation Bill which has just been presented to...

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Aled Davies • 09 March 2017 •

Exceptions to Mediation Confidentiality - Case Study

Topic: Mediation Law

Confidentiality is considered to be a core tenet of mediation. Indeed the confidentiality of mediation is one of its key advantages, as it ensures...

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Pritika Malhotra • 16 February 2017 •

Mediation News - This Week In Mediation Episode 10

Topic: Mediation News

In the Mediation News this week we take a look at development in Asia as Singapore passes it's long anticipated Mediation Act. It's no secret that...

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Aled Davies • 07 February 2017 •

A Guide to Divorce Dispute Resolution

Topic: Family and Divorce Mediation

Divorce is tough. In midst of the turmoil, the last thing most people want to think about is cold hard numbers and paperwork.

However, managing...

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John Lee • 31 January 2017 •

No More Mr Nice Guy - Antagonistic Mediation Techniques

Topic: Mediation Techniques

No More Mr Nice Guy

Conventional wisdom suggests that the mediator’s role is to play the nice guy - the person who listens, understands and is...

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Aled Davies • 20 December 2016 •

Mediation Awareness Week - Twitter Tags, Influencers and Lead Generation

Topic: Mediation Awareness Week, Mediation Marketing

Mediation Awareness Week UK has come to a close. Did it achieve it's objective? It certainly had a good go at it! But there is still a ways to go...

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Aled Davies • 20 October 2016 •