A Michelin Guide to EU Cross Border Mediation

A Michelin Guide to EU Cross Border Mediation

Professor Nadja Alexander and Sabine Walsh talk to us about the new book they are working on about Cross Border mediation in the EU. The book is the first of its kind to actually rank and award stars according to the regulatory support they offer for mediation. You'll be able to find out the best (and worst) places to mediate in the EU and the learn about the regulatory peculiarities of each member state.



The book provides guidance on the Regulatory Robustness of Mediation in each of the EU jurisdictions. It compares and contrasts the mediation law and regulatory framework in each state, and offers insight for cross-border mediators and mediation users seeking the best jurisdiction to conduct their mediation.

In keeping with this innovative approach, the book will be accompanied by online updates on the Kluwer Mediation Blog, so that readers can keep up with the fast developing world of mediation law and the complexity of cross border mediation.  


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