Mediation Awareness Week - Twitter Tags, Influencers and Lead Generation

Mediation Awareness Week - Twitter Tags, Influencers and Lead Generation

Mediation Awareness Week UK has come to a close. Did it achieve it's objective? It certainly had a good go at it! But there is still a ways to go yet.

An emerging theme in this year's #MAW2016 is the increasing use of technology by mediators. Twitter tags, webinars, live streams and workshops on online mediation all featured heavily. 

Mediators aren't necessarily known for their mastery of IT. To be fair, at the rate that online technology is advancing, it's hard to keep up! Don't let this dissuade you, however. Understanding the web and using it to market your services online can enormously improve your marketing productivity and allow you to reach a much wider audience than before. 

The Mediator Website

There's one thing that many of the most successful mediators have in common - a swanky website. 



A well designed, customer-focused website can open up a whole new source of customers for you. Today's search engines are smarter than ever, and will stick you near the top of the search rankings if you have a well designed website that uses targeted keywords . 

Not only that, but advances in web design mean that it is cheaper and easier to create a high quality, user-friendly website than ever before. 

Many mediators will already have websites, but they are limited to static sources of information about the services they offer. There are many improvements that mediators can make. For example, think of adding a blog. This information is variable and can be used to boost traffic, improve search rankings and to target new types of customers.

Another thing to consider is lead generation. Think about all the visitors to your website who browse but never get in contact. All these visitors are a missed opportunity. They were interested, just not interested enough to buy then and there. There are  techniques you can use to capture information about these visitors, so that you can get them back in the fold and have a second bite at the cherry. You'll find out more about this and more in our 6th mediation marketing guide.

Likes, Shares and Twitter Tags 

Gone are the days when a website was all you needed to market yourself online. It's become more or less essential for mediators today to have a Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn - and that's leaving aside Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and all the others! 

When people chat about twitter tags, influencers and like-counts, it can be hard to make derive some clear actionable steps to use these to promote your business. Conflict Management Specialist Jason Dykstra relied heavily on social media when he was building his own business and knows all the tips and techniques to put you on the online map.

Listen here to how he used twitter to market and to rapidly grow his business:


You can check out the full interview in the topics section of Mediator Academy. Jason explains the advantages and disadvantages of different platforms for different types of customers and marketing. He found Twitter particularly useful for connecting with people outside his local community.

Make the Most of Technology

So if you think you could make better use of technology for marketing your services, we suggest you click the green button to download the next Marketing Mediation Guide and start building your online presence!

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