CDRC Vienna 2016 - First Round

CDRC Vienna 2016 - First Round

The first preliminary round of the CDRC Vienna 2016 is over. I've just spent the day assessing the participants and giving feedback. I can't reveal details about the case study, but what I can say is it involves a wine maker and a wine distributor. It's a complex case and the students have to grapple with about 96 pages of material as they prepare to do battle!

There's a lot going on as an assessor, as you are required to apply different criteria when assessing teams of negotiators and mediators. In addition, you have to give each participant individual feedback on their strengths and also suggestions as to how they might improve in the next round. It's also important, just as it is in mediation, to remain totally independent and impartial. A lesson I learnt after a trip to the UN headquarters in Vienna!

All in all, I've been really impressed with the participants so far. It's encouraging to know the future of consensual dispute resolution is in good hands! And it's a real privilege to give feedback and help these aspiring mediators and negotiators improve to improve their skills and knowledge.

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