CDRC Vienna 2016 - Day 1

CDRC Vienna 2016 - Day 1

It's the day before the CDRC Vienna 2016 competition and everyone is raring to go. But before things could get underway all competitors were sharpening their minds and skills with some last minute preparation.


The day was filled with workshops led by some top flight mediation and negotiation experts. Workshops covering a range of topics were delivered by the likes of Thomas Valenti, Kimberly Schreiber, Michael McIlwrath, Sabine Walsh and many many more.

We were also treated to a tour of the United Nations office in Vienna - which among other things is home to the office of outer space affairs (they've even got a piece of the moon on display alongside a bronze bust of of the very first envoy of humanity to outer space; the very own Yuri Gagarin! So the CDRC 2016 compeition proper will get underway first thing, I hope everyone has an early night!

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