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What Makes a Good Mediator?

Topic: CDRC Vienna 2017

In a just a few short weeks the CDRC Negotiation and Mediation Competition kicks off in Vienna. As the title suggests, there are two separate...

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John Lee • 06 July 2017 •

Should Mediation be Mandatory for Conflict in the Workplace?

Topic: Conflict in the Workplace

Most of the commentary on the topic of mandatory mediation focuses on mediation as an alternative to court. But what about mediation for conflict...

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John Lee • 16 May 2017 •

How Medical Mediation is Helping in United States Healthcare

Topic: Medical Mediation

Trump’s attempts to “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare have dominated US political headlines in recent weeks. While the healthcare system is battled...

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John Lee • 12 May 2017 •

The Enforcement of International Mediation Settlement Agreements

Topic: International Mediation

The data from the GPC commercial dispute resolution survey so far has revealed a widespread belief that a better enforcement system is required in...

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John Lee • 10 May 2017 •

What Trump Can Learn From the Harvard Negotiation Project

Topic: Negotiation

President Donald Trump has consistently portrayed himself as a master negotiator and dealmaker. But how do his negotiation strategies compare with...

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John Lee • 18 April 2017 •

A Guide to Divorce Dispute Resolution

Topic: Family and Divorce Mediation

Divorce is tough. In midst of the turmoil, the last thing most people want to think about is cold hard numbers and paperwork.

However, managing...

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John Lee • 31 January 2017 •