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The Mediation Venue Checklist

Topic: Mediation News, International Mediation, mediation business

As mediators we aren’t always blessed with the option of selecting the venue for the mediation, but if it was within our gift to choose, what...

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Aled Davies • 26 April 2018 •

It's a Perfect Time to Start a Mediation Business

Topic: Mediation Awareness Week, Mediation Marketing

Mediation has never been more popular or widespread. There are more cases than ever. It's all over the press and more mediators are sharing in the...

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Aled Davies • 18 October 2017 •

Commercial Dispute Resolution Survey - 10 Insights from the GPC Series

Topic: Civil and Commercial

What would you say are the top 10 burning issues in commercial dispute resolution today? Here's what research by the GPC has revealed so far...

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Aled Davies • 24 April 2017 •